By Sian Wilkinson, An 18 Year Old Fashion PR Intern.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Weekly Wishing

Image 1 of New Look Robby Black Side Mesh Heeled Court Shoes                                                                                         
Image 1 of ASOS Cable Jumper With High Neck

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A little fashion advice from a Fashion Intern

Incase I haven't mentioned it enough yet(It's still sinking in) I am currently interning at a PR company on a 3 month basis, I started Mid September and I feel like I've learned so much in such a short period of time.
However when it comes to interning, thinking about your career or just life in general life it can all get a bit daunting and it can feel as if everything is full speed ahead, so here's some tips that I have learned so far working in the Fashion Industry:

-Remember that It's not forever (Unless you want it to be) Your current situation is just that, current! Sometimes you can feel a little stuck if you're not enjoying yourself as much as you expected, but I promise we all feel like that!

-Is this experience going to benefit me? Ask yourself this question before you accept an offer or even apply for a position. Countless times I've applied for jobs that don't interest me and they're normally the ones that you get called back for! So is it necessary experience? Is the company that the experience is for similar to your dream company?

-Don't be afraid to ask questions in the workplace, I should've listened to my own advice here! If you don't ask the specifics about the task in hand if you're anything like me there's a 99% chance you're going to make it worse for yourself by doing it wrong. So Ask away!

-Never shy away from applying for positions because of a fear of rejection, if we all did that we'd never get anywhere! And If Anna Wintour can do it so can we, right? If it takes your fancy apply there's nothing to lose. Head over to and start today

-Be Friendly to everyone that you come into contact with, staff, employees at other companies, guests etc. It's never too early to make a good impression, Fashion is all about contacts and you'd be surprised at the amount of opportunities that present themselves to friendly positive people.

I hope this helped a little, and if you ever have any questions you can comment below or email me at

Happy Tuesday.x

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Stop being so catty

Trench Coat-Missguided
Trousers-Forever 21
Even though my morning was super rushed I decided that I needed to photograph this amazing bag, it arrived last night and I'm over the moon! It's the perfect size and it keeps it shape so nice one new look. This is a casual outfit perfect for these early mornings which I'm still not used to, mixing old and new pieces feels so refreshing! I think as it means that I can calm down on the shopping front.
Monochrome is taking over my life and my wardrobe (I seem to be having a lack of hanger crisis) So I added my bargain Forever 21 High waisted trousers to the mix, they're the perfect trouser in my opinion because of the cut quality and £19.99 price tag!
I'm still currently working 7 days a week like a maniac, however I'm not as tired as I expected to be. I mean I find the energy to go out for cocktails mid week! I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity as it really was the step up and encouragement that I needed. So any of you guys out there that are not yet in your ideal situation just wait on it(Drake Moment) In time it will all work out.
I spent last night at the IRIS 10th Anniversary party held in their queens park store, it was a funfilled night with the drinks flowing and a killer DJ oh and a visit from Rosie Fortescue!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How to Nail Street Style

Wow is it really October already? This year is really speeding on, with that in mind I'll definetley be doing a round up of my year really soon.

Anyway onto todays post,

Recently It's become less about getting dressed to the nines and risking serious injury in your highest heels, and more about keeping it casual and yes dare I say it wearing Flats! Street style is all the rage with celebs such as Rihanna, Rita Ora, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Biel all strolling the streets in their coolest street style get ups.

So how do you achieve the ultimate street style look?
-Try and keep it as simple as possible, for example a plain white tee ripped jeans and Chelsea boots are the perfect combo.
-Or be one of the cool kids mixing an oversized knit with some denim or slouch trousers(As seen below), team with some kickass trainers throw the jacket over the shoulders and knock em dead.

 Don't focus on keeping the colour scheme monochrome it you're a colour junkie embrace it! Make street style your own by colour blocking your pieces or accessories.                                          
  Of course it you are confessed colour-phobic like myself focus keeping the focus neutral. 
Right now I'm loving greys I'm looking foward to teaming these amazing Missguided trousers with this ASOS roll neck. I really need some Adidas originals to complete this outfit!        


         Clutch bags are an awesome accessory especially leather envelope clutches like this georgeous one, to me they just scream simple styling! Don't shy away from extravagant designs and bright colours though as they add a pop to any ordinary outfit which is always welcome.    
    Backpacks are also a really cool accessory to have, although they are hard to pull off I must admit! I really love the large square backpacks as opposed to the slouchy ones, I just feel like they keep their shape and look a lot smarter.


Speak Soon,
Happy Tuesday.x

Friday, 3 October 2014

The Boys

Suit Trousers-Pretty Little Thing 

Bonjour my good people! I have been dying to share this amazinggg suit with you all from the fab guys over at PLT. It's such a bargain and I got so many compliments, I was uncertain on wether to go ahead and buy it but as always I decided that it was better to recieve it and dislike it than to walk away from it as I have previously have done for it to then sell out! (How annoying is that?!) The material is so light and it looks so much more expensive than it was, I teamed it with plain black however I've got a roll neck combo in mind for when the weather decides to turn. Is it bad that I can't wait for jumper season? Any for the entire day I felt like Cassie In "The Boys" video (hence the name of this post) and I've never felt more like a Fashionista.

Happy Friday.x

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Best Shows From PFW

The final Fashion week over in Paris sadly came to an end today, bur hey there's worse places for it to come to an end right? I don't know how these fashionistas do it, I mean the travelling, outfit changes, and after parties (I'm not kidding) 
Anyway the final day saw some of the most talented designers take to the stage including Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Valentino& Alexander McQueen. Here's a round up of my favourite shows from the week:

Alexander McQueen
Maxine Simoens

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Weekly Loves

As I'm still getting used to this full time lifestyle I've decided to take some time out from outfit posts, simply because I was putting too much pressure on myself to take photos at 8am before I headed out of the door! So for the time being I'm sticking to my writing. Today I'll be sharing some of the things that I'm loving this week, prepare for everything and anything.


I am currently obsessed with the new e4 series Glue, it combines romance fun and mystery. I love that the cast are all young and so kickass and even more so that the hilarious Jordan Stevens (1/2 Of Rizzle Kicks) is one of the main characters. The storyline is so fresh and after only two episodes I'm already hooked and constantly on my toes, So tune in Mondays at 10.00pm!

Un-real Fur
Just recently have I discovered Australian Faux Fur brand Unreal fur, they are currently stocked on ASOS and have a range of fur coats and gilets to die for! The pride themselves on using faux fur and are proving popular with us Brits, and with fur never going out of style this can be worn year in year out.

This SATC outfit has and always will be my inspiration for layering, the perfect mix of colours and a stunning statement jacket is what I strive for! Also as the weather is starting to deteriorate especially in the morning we are able to stay warm, and look fashionable. If I manage to create a look even half as good as Carries my life will be complete!