By Sian Wilkinson, An 18 Year Old Fashion PR Intern.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Weekly Loves

As I'm still getting used to this full time lifestyle I've decided to take some time out from outfit posts, simply because I was putting too much pressure on myself to take photos at 8am before I headed out of the door! So for the time being I'm sticking to my writing. Today I'll be sharing some of the things that I'm loving this week, prepare for everything and anything.


I am currently obsessed with the new e4 series Glue, it combines romance fun and mystery. I love that the cast are all young and so kickass and even more so that the hilarious Jordan Stevens (1/2 Of Rizzle Kicks) is one of the main characters. The storyline is so fresh and after only two episodes I'm already hooked and constantly on my toes, So tune in Mondays at 10.00pm!

Un-real Fur
Just recently have I discovered Australian Faux Fur brand Unreal fur, they are currently stocked on ASOS and have a range of fur coats and gilets to die for! The pride themselves on using faux fur and are proving popular with us Brits, and with fur never going out of style this can be worn year in year out.

This SATC outfit has and always will be my inspiration for layering, the perfect mix of colours and a stunning statement jacket is what I strive for! Also as the weather is starting to deteriorate especially in the morning we are able to stay warm, and look fashionable. If I manage to create a look even half as good as Carries my life will be complete!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

5 Reasons Why you should be excited for Alexander Wang X H&M

The release of the highly anticipated collaboration between H&M and Alexander Wang is just a few weeks away, being available to the public from November 6. Designer collabarations are always exciting especially when it involves two brands that would never normally be put in the same sentence together, so I've composed this list in the hope that I can get you as pumped for it as I am!

1-Hello! It's a collabaration between an award winning fashion designer who never fails to impress with his unique Kickass collections, and a world-famous high street fashion retailer who have previously collabarated with the likes of Versace and Stella McCartney.

2-Sample Images involve both Men and Women's designs so you can dress yourself and bae in head to toe AWXH&M(YAYYYYY!).

3- RI-RI was recently pictured in a matching two piece from the highly anticipated collection looking fierce, and If it's good enough for the queen i'm confident that every item of clothing will ensure that those who purchase it are dressed to kill 24/7. And of course it's a plus to strut around in the same outfit as Rihanna!

4. AW is famous for minimalistic, monochrome, simplicity, so all of us colour phobes can snap up the entire collection without causing any damage to our eyesight.

5. We're being spoilt with an accessories collection also from the genius himself, ensuring that our simple styling has the perfect finishing touch.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Comfort is key

Top- Ebay 
I know I know I'm late posting again! I'm still trying to get some sort of order back into my life but in due time I hope. So these early mornings mean I'm looking for comfortable simple outfits such as this one, however I'm not sure how long I'll be able to carry on wearing short sleeves if these freezing mornings continue! This is more of a street style outfit which I've decided that I would use to describe my current style, although sometimes I do get the urge to throw on some pink! I adore this jacket from Missguided and I'm pretty sure that soon the cream version will also be making it's way into my life. It's the perfect throw on and it adds the simple style element to all outfits. Anyway I promise I'll try harder life's just a bit overwhelming at the minute, speak soon.                        Happy Monday.x

Fashion Week Favourites

Marc By Marc Jacobs SS/15

My inspiration to start up a blog

I'm one of those people that need to feel productive and like they have a purpose, whilst this can be great it can also be a downfall as it results in excessive amounts of pressure being thrown onto my shoulders from you guessed it myself! Even in my younger days I tried to occupy myself with volunteering at the local elderly home, just so I felt like I was doing something more productive with my time than scrolling through Missguided's "New In" pieces. Anyway I thought I'd use today to share with all of the inspiration that encouraged me to create my own blog so here goes nothing:

-The first real Blogger that I knew about was the lovely "Lydia Elise Millen" anyone that knows me will tell you about my obsession with the woman! Her blog is genius and it mixes fitness tips and tricks, with the hottest outfit posts around! I think seeing how happy Blogging made her and the success that she had managed to maintain through the creation of a blog was definetly the kick up the booty that I needed.

-I've always been fashion conscious, although of course I'm thinking back right now and I'm not so sure about the truth of the statement. But let's just say I've always had an interest in clothes, but the closest I came to finding out about current trends was looking around me on my weekly Lakeside visit. (Seriously) Over time I began making more of an effort with my style, however the camera has always hated me so I didn't really have the confidence or the reason to begin documenting my outfits.

-I used to and admittedly still do spend an awful lot of time online, shopping, browsing through blogs etc. So it made sense for me to mix my love of fashion and share it with an audience
For a long time I was in two minds about creating one as initially I had no intention of posting images of myself, until one day I decided why the hell not.

I would say the main thing to keep in mind when thinking about creating any sort of blog, is to remember why you're doing it. My main reason was to share my ideas about fashion, and of course to put on my CV! Because trust me as an established or new blogger, it looks great to employers as it shows that you've taken your own initiative and created something unique.

That's it from me today,

Happy Tuesday All!x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Life update

Jeans-River Island
Hola Hola!
 I apologise for my lateness but in between working LFW, retail and now interning full time I've barely had time to eat! Yet I've still found time to shop? Hmmmm.
 Anyway! I have finally secured an internship at a Fashion PR firm which I am ecstatic about, I'm on my second day so I'm still learning and getting used to all these scary industry terms but I can already tell how useful this experience will be. A Normal day for an PR intern consists of completing any returns from companies, as well as preparing send outs, scanning coverage and general admin. I hope that this acting as motivation for any of you struggling to find an internship, so make the most of every opportunity and never be afraid to apply! Rome wasn't built in a day guys(I have to tell myself this on a daily basis!) onto my outfit I wanted the whole smart casual look and I don't know how I feel about wearing trainers yet but on an everyday basis I would have teamed this with some air max. Instead I teamed it with my favourite boots, who would have known that they only made their way into my life last week? I'm not kidding when I say I've worn them every single day, I mean comfort style it's a win win. I adore this sleeveless trench coat from trusty Missguided (I'm trying to reduce the amount of time and money that I spend on their website but as you can see, right now it's a lost cause) It's perfect for now when it's not cold or hot, although as soon as winter presents itself I can't see myself in this. 
Hopefully speak soon,

Happy Wednesday.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

LFW Lookbook Day1&2

Day 1-
Portugal Fashion Show@Freemasons Hall
Day 2-
Sibling&Nazir Mazhar Fashion Shows@Somerset House