Sunday, 31 August 2014

You have some fluff on your shirt

Jumper-Missguided                        Jacket-PrettyLittleThing                           Trousers-Forever21                         Shoes-Topshop.                                Wow getting back into a routine is tough! From the minute I stepped off the plan my mind was consumed with thoughts of my future, blogging and Ofcourse the deliveries that were awaiting me. The weather is so up and down here at the minute that I've been trying to mix something summery with a warmer piece just to make sure that I don't catch a cold or heatstroke. I love mixing pink and blue together and wearing these two pieces worked like a dream (Atleast I think!) these dreamy shoes were a sale snatch at half the price in the Topshop sale, whilst they're not the most practical shoes I cannot deny their beauty! So this week is going to consist of overtime and job searching, as it seems as if my internship effectively "fell through" I'm back on the search. If you're also looking to pursue a career in fashion look to and                  Happy Sunday.x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

1st Girls Holiday-Magaluf

It's official I'm back in the uk, and I've survived a crazy week in Magaluf-Spain! After 7 nights of sheer holiday madness it was a pleasant suprise to put my head down in a bed that wasn't full of sand and uncomfortable metal bars. But uncomfy beds aside the holiday was definetley eventful with trips to the local waterpark, paint party at BCM, and a midnight beach trip! The heat was just what I needed and I'm sorry to say that I was just a little happy when I found out that it was chucking it down here. The first holiday away from the parents is a big deal, and nervous was the biggest understatement. But overall I'm glad that I did it and it was definetley an experience, and now I'm more than ready to get back to blogging and I'm more than buzzing for Lodon Fashion Week where I'll be helping out! Wooowwweeee.                                   

Happy Friday.x

Monday, 18 August 2014

Singing in the shower

Air Mx 90-Office

First of all I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mumma! Since Sports attire is just about everywhere at the minute, I thought it would be the perfect time to try out the old dress/trainer combo. Sorry if I've offended any of you fashionistas, but it's been so nice not wearing heels everyday as my feet are in absolute tatters!(Why I insist on wearing them to work when I am constantly on my feet I do not know) I love this Vest dress that I picked up from Forever 21 a few weeks back and for £9 I believe that it's a real bargain, It'll be great to dress up for a night out or kept simple as a cover up during the day on my holiday which I'm off to on Wednesday. The quality is amazing and it's a simple versatile piece that I look forward to styling. 
Now I believe that bumbags should be left to the market traders, however as I'm prone to losing just about everything I'm hoping that this little flowery baby will prevent any holiday unwanted disasters. The D.I.Y on it was down to my mum and the flowers came from a primark headband that hadn't been worn for some time. Stuck down with superglue onto my Dads old Bag and Bobs your uncle! I highly recommend doing this yourself if you're in need as I've seen similar homemade styles on bay selling for £20+. I've had a little pre-holiday hair cut just to get rid of the many split ends that had multiplied all too quickly. I think you forget how nice it feels to go to the hairdressers and have a little pamper, and I'm so glad as I did as I'm know rearing to be in Spain now! Even more so as the heavens have just opened here in Britain(Surprise Surprise).

Speak Soon, Happy Monday.x

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Jacket-Pretty Little Thing.             

I'm so ashamed to be using just one outfit photo in this post, but trying to get a few decent shots before I shot out the door to my friends 18th dinner was the impossible task. I'm not kidding when I say this is the only one that is remotely okay, but armed with the remains from my pay cheque I did what any normal girl would do. Head over to Missguided! I am obsessed with online shopping and I'm always on the look out for new brands to shop with so let me know if you know any! I decided to treat myself to a pair of new jeans as at the minute my jean collection is less than impressive, not for much longer though. The top was purchased with the thought in mind that I really don't have enough, in terms of top to bottom ratio and I thought it was the perfect simple top. High neck tops are really appealing to me at the minute, it's so simple yet it speaks volumes. Anyway It's just a quick one from me today.         Happy Saturday.x

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Preparing for my first adult-less holiday 1/2

I really love having my own Blog as I find that I can provide advice on situations that I'm going through where I could've used it, and where I feel that people might need some. As we all know it's nice to have some advice regardless of whether we end up using it or not, So with my holiday departure date approaching at ridiculous speed I've decided it's about time I face up to the fact that I'm going to need to be an adult(at least for the week)! There will be another advice post after I return from holiday which will be packed with the do's and don'ts when abroad with your friends. I feel like I've been a bit brief when it comes to my holiday, so I'm going to Magaluf in Spain next Wednesday for 7 Days.

Now I will not lie to you I'm pretty damn nervous, just as I'm not sure what to expect in terms of the Bars, the people and the labelled "Pushy" reps. But from what I've seen from holidaymakers this year the Holiday is what you make of it, and of course people are going to be making silly rash decisions but I mean that's happening in Britain every weekend right? I'm just going to keep my wits about me but also make the most of my first ever girls holiday, I have plans of beautiful beaches, Water sports,and a sizzling Booze cruise (Actually we'll see about the last one!)

There's no denying both my  at the prospect of being abroad with people my age, as my family age range is all over the place I actually have no members of my family with the same age as me. Little things like going to dinner and heading to the beach I'm really looking forward to, there's something lovely about being on holiday with your friends and it sure is the ultimate test! Like any of you that are/have already been abroad with your mates this year I'm sure you know my pain when the same don'ts are repeated to me by just about everyone that I come into contact with.
They Vary From:

-Don't leave your friends
-Don't desert your drink and then go back to it
-Don't dive in the pool at night
etc etc    
But I get it they just want us to be safe which has to be worrying when you see the amount  of disasters that have happened abroad just this year alone. I think the key is not to get too carried away with the cheap booze on offer, I am aware though that as Magaluf bars offer ridiculously cheap or free alcohol for all holiday makers so it's no suprise that people get absolutely bladdered all night and day. It's all about moderation guys!! It doesn't seem real and I doubt that it will until I arrive at the airport and my departure time is within spitting distance (I've just realised I really hate that phrase!) even when I attempt to sort through my case and my horrendous old school summer bits
It will definitely be an unforgettable experience that's for sure!

Happy Thursday.x

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

What a Pretty Little Thing

Jacket-Pretty Little Thing
Trousers-Forever 21

Apologies for the cringe worthy post title but from the minute that this PLT jacket arrived I knew it was a match made in heaven, It was a difficult decision between the cream and the black, but as always I opted for the Black just as I thought I would get more wear out of it. (And that the Makeup stains wouldn't be as obvious!) It's lovely and lightweight yet a little thicker than my Missguided Jacket, which is great as the great British weather is all over the place for a change. Initially I was planning to do a "blackout" outfit which would just feature head to toe black clothing, but I decided that these new adorable Forever 21 trousers would work just as well. I love a good high waist and these trousers are my current favourites, I'm not normally a regular Forever 21 customer but I have to admit that each time I enter the Oxford Circus store I leave a happy girl! I definitely recommend visiting it if you're in the area, as the whole store is just to die. The prices are ridiculously cheap and for me the design and style are always lovely, they're sizes are S M L so being a size 10 I go for the M and i'm always happy with the fit. Right now I'm making the last minute preparations for my holiday next Wednesday, I am ridiculously excited but as always I'm fretting about not having anything to wear. So in typical me style I've taken to PLT and Missguided and bought a load of holiday pieces that I doubt will even make an appearance. But I'm looking forward to seeing how I cope on holiday without my parents, it will definetley be interesting!                      Happy Tuesday.x

Sunday, 10 August 2014

It's Tiger time!

Bag-Miss Selfridge.              
So last night was my first ever real club experience, and like any newbie I had no idea where I wanted to go/where the best place was to go etc. It's so hard when you don't know what these places are like! Anyway after speaking to some people about the club scene, it seemed as if the majority of the best clubs were based in Picadilly Circus area. Which really is great as it's so easy to get to, it was kind of a last minute thing once we got there and after being repeatedly hassled by club promoters we made the decision to head to Tiger Tiger. Which Incase you don't know is a club that backs onto a Resturant, the inside was buzzing and we was lucky enough to pay £10 entry not £15 (I think they wanted more girls to be honest!!)
There's no denying that the location is perfect and the drinks are fairly priced which I was really suprised at, however I will have to say as the area is highly populated by tourists and it seems that a fair amount if them left their manners at home! I'm talking grabbing and just behaviour that had us feeling ridiculously uncomfortable within about 5 minutes, but we all have to experience these things to find the places that we like right! I'm currently on my way home from work so if I start to ramble it's probably because my eyes are closed! Anyway I was really happy with my outfit as it ended up looking like a two piece suit, when in fact they were from two different places. The top was from River Island and I've had my eye on it ever since I first spotted it, it was a close call between the black and the white but once I stumbled across the skirt the outfit became clear. Apologises for the quality of photos, I was so unorganised and these photos were taken at about 11pm, the top has mesh sleeves and crosses over at the bottom. All I can say is expect to see this on a regular basis, the skirt was an odd one that I was lucky enough to find in .the Lakeside Primark which is probably my favourite one, I didn't bother trying it as for £8 I just decided to cut my losses and buy it before someone else did. I'm so happy with it and I can't wait to wear it again! Okay last thing prepare yourselves, I've only gone and got an internship in Fashion PR! Yes after what seems like an endless (dramatic) search I've been offered a 4 week placement at an adorable PR firm close to my home. I'm really happy and I'll be starting in September once I arrive back from my holiday. Thanks for all your support and carry on with your searches, as you know that it will pay off eventually. Happy Sunday.x