By Sian Wilkinson, An 18 Year Old Fashion PR Intern.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Killas on the Met Gala Red Carpet 2015

Note to self: Must remember most important Fashion events instead of stumbling across photos via instagram!

After just discovering that the 2015 Met Gala was held last night I've scooped together some of my top looks below:

                                               Gigi Hadid wearing Diane Von Furstenberg
                                                                          Jessica Hart
                                                       Rosie Huntington Whitley wearing Versace
                                                   Lily Aldridge wearing Carolina Herrera
                                          Mary Kate&Ashley Olsen both wearing John Galliano

Sian x

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Return of the slacker

It's happened again! I've once again got caught up in some bizniz and have neglected my old lovely for 2 months too many, but have no fear I haven't been sitting in bed with my kitty online shopping (atleast not the whole time!) I was lucky enough to land a job assisting a freelance stylist who also happened to be a freelance magazine editor, so I'm sure you can imagine how loud I screamed once I figured I'd landed the job. The internship lasted 8 weeks and did everything from assisting on shoots with skunks and snakes to helping to shop for options for a band that she currently styles! So yes everyday was different and I learned so much. However now I'm back in the game armed with knowledge and a desperation to shop shop shop and blog ofcourse.
First thing next week I'll be purchasing a camera (I so hope I stick to this promise instead of buying everything on the new in section on ASOS) So my picture quality will improve so no more wonky iphone images.

Speak soon x

Sunday, 25 January 2015

January Blues

                                  Cullottes-River Island.                 
                             Bomber Jacket-ASOS          
Hello again!
 I'm currently on my way home from what I would like to call a hard days work, so that's my excuse if I trail off track and start talking complete nonsence. This outfit was a very silly choice going by the current weather conditions and I continued to freeze throughout the day, however I was very impressed with the quality of these RI trousers and as soon as I spotted them I knew they had to be mine! And with a sneaky discount I walked away a happy girl, well until I walked straight into TOPSHOP and bought wayyyy too many irrelevant things. But I tried right?! Anyway I hope you're all well I'm currently experiencing the January blues which I wasn't a believer of until now, I think it's just because my carrer's at a slow point and it's a slow month to be looking for an internship, but on the upside it's fashion week in just under 4 weeks so i'll keep you posted!
Happy January xx

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sale Finds!



Hello there! I am determined to not let this beyond miserable weather to get me down, although talks of a possible snow storm in London tonight is enough to get me a little worried. Worried in terms of never wanting to get up again and staying snuggled up in bed instead of participating in anything productive. The sales are out in force right now and I'm suprised at the amount that I've been able to find both online and in the sales themselves, although purchasing them from the comfort of my own home is of course my favorite way to do it! These fabulous khaki combat trousers have been on my mind since the minute I first spotted them at full price, yet there was always something stopping me from grabbing them. However now that they have been reduced for the third time now to £10 from £36 you guys can get them too. So another LCM is over however now we only have to wait about another month for LFW so that's mucho exciting, I'm determined to work every show that I can seeing as the one show that I didn't work this LCM resulted in an after party invitation (What are the chances?!!) 

Speak soon, Sian xx

Friday, 9 January 2015

LCM Time-Yum!

So it's London Collection Men's time again and boy am I thrilled! Incase you're not too familiar with what the heck I'm talking about it's the male equivalent of Fashion Week, It's still fairly small scale and only lasts 4 days but today the likes of Wiz Khalifa, David Gandy, Tinie Tempah and Oliver Chesire felt it was appropriate to grace us with their presence (Swoooooonn).
 Today was Day 1 and whilst there were fashion shows over in Victoria House The opening Event was in The Hospital Club. Unfortuatley I am working tomorrow so I am unable to attend what I'm sure will turn out to be the best day but I will be heading over on Sunday and Monday so stay tuned!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Bikini Babes

Despite my love of everything turtle I can't help but tire of layering up, or in my case my lack of attention to the weather. Meaning I leave the house in what some would call summer atire and then regretting my decision as soon as I'm too far away from my house to turn back and chuck on everything thick and wintery. But no fear I am getting there in coping with this weather, and one of my main motivationational tactics is dreaming of the summer and the wonderful holidays that are hopefully set to come my way. And yes if you're wondering I have already started Bikini shopping (I whisper as my Bank account groans), Here's some of my favourite of the minute picks for all you holiday go getters-

Bikini Top-ASOS
Bikini Bottoms-ASOS

Bikini Top-River Island

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 Lookback-My Return

Have we become strangers again? It certainly feels that way! But fear no more my time as a Supervisor is nearly up and in around two weeks I will be free to Blog as I please. I love this time of year simply because there's so much going on from Christmas parties and excessive food(Which I know all too much about) to New Years plans and the dreaded resolutions. 
ANYWAY this post is going to be a reflection on my year, so here goes. 


My blog has actually only been running since the beginning of the year, and whilst it has increased my spending like crazy I wouldn't change it for the world. Whilst as of lately I've been really bad updating SKW i think it's so important to have interests and a life outside of work, I mean we all need something to keep us sane right?!

-Fashion Week

This year was my first as an Intern and I was lucky enough to experience London Mens Collection, and London Fashion Week. I am so greatful for the opportunities that I have been lucky enough to have had this year, and I look forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for me!

-Turning the big 18

This August saw my decent into womanhood (At least that's what I'm told) and I finally turned Eighteen. Now whilst at times it feel's the same as being 17 I do feel as if I need to take responsibility for certain things now such as my *cough* spending. And of course finally being able to flaunt your ID is a bonus!

-My Future

I decided fairly recently that I wanted to pursue a career in Fashion, this was such a big step for someone who has changed career decisions more than most. I feel like it's been such a big and fabulous learning curve for me and I'm really enjoying experiencing and deciding on which route to descend upon.